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Alcatraz – San Francisco

Hey There! I’m David Andrew. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2005 and got me a BA in Film. I am obsessed with storytelling, art + design, travel, experience, knowledge, and life! I write stories and love blogging. When I’m travel weary I return to Phoenix, Arizona where I live with The Pilot and The Cats. I’m so crazy for travel, adventure, film, designer toys, toys, Nintendo, accessible art, and being outdoors in the sun.
Love yous! Thnx for reading!  



“it’s important to cherish + NEVER turn down a good time.  you won’t be offered the time of your life very many times. life is only good if it’s enjoyed to its fullest. and I personally make it my policy to never say no to a party.
so rock on with peace+love!”   – david-andrew


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Mount Lemon – Tucson, AZ

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