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I am excited about this year. Good things are coming. I can feel it.
I was born in the Year of the Dragon and it has come back around again. To celebrate ThePilot and I went to San Francisco last week for the Year of the Dragon New Years Parade. It was magical and more than I expected.

I put on my dragon tee for the occasion.

4 luck =D

We stayed in the Westin’s St. Francis hotel on Union Square. We only had to step out onto the sidewalk in front of the hotel to watch the parade.
I was a little surprised to see the crowd outside when we went out. Union Square was full and the sidewalks were standing room only. There were even people lining the windows of the Union Square Macy’s.

Every body loves a dragon parade!

we called this entry "CA Budget Deficit"

can't hate though on account of the cute passenger

Chinese New Year celebrations often involve the dancing dragon every year.

Because this is the dragon’s year there was plenty dragon dancing to go around.


I love little surprises like this. Spontaneity has never let me down. 2012 is going to rock! Year of the Dragon will be guaranteed wild times. The last Dragon came in 2000. Everyone freaked about the world ending then too. What is the deal with those dragons?
So tell me what’s next. I’m ready for a year of adventure. Life is exciting and mysterious like the dragon. Come with me on the next trip or I can meet you there too.

Good luck and good fortune to all!

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