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wowi (day 1)


A surprise summer solstice celebration brought us to the beautiful and fun Maui. This was my first time on this island. I couldn’t wait to see the ocean and feel humidity in the air. Also, I had heard Maui was a bit busier that Kaua’i, but not as busy as Oahu. I was curious to see how the islands were different. Mostly, I was sure that I would take any Hawaiian destination, anytime.

high view of the sugarcane fields as we flew in to Maui

When we picked up our rental car we were given a map of Maui. On the northwest and southeast corners of the island there were red lines on the map that said “Do not drive between these points. Driving on unauthorized roads violates car rental contract.”
I saw this warning and my brain immediately said, “I want to go to there.”

We drove to Ka’anapali and checked into our room at the Westin Resort. I was immediately impressed by the magical lobby at the Westin. Like many buildings in HI that I’ve seen, the lobby is open to the air. A rocky waterfall greets guess entering the lobby. As I was admiring the waterfall and koi pools, a person appeared from under the water. The walkway to the pool, patio, and restaurant areas takes you on a path under the rock and waterfall. The grounds of the Westin are lush, colorful, and perfect for relaxing.

I’m pretty sure the Lorax lives here.

We stood staring at the views from our room. We were hungry and kept talking about food, yet stayed entranced by the ocean and the setting sun. All around the hotel and beach, travelers stopped to watch the light in the sky bounce off the clouds and water.

view of Moloka’i from our room to the northwest

southwest view – Lana’i is not far

Our hunger strike didn’t keep the sunset in place, so we finally went over to Roy’s. It was my first time eating at this “Hawaiian Fusion” seafood restaurant. Of course, we had to get a Mai Tai. They have their own old-school version (1940s old-school) and I love it! The food here is fancy and delicious. I broke my veggie ways as The Pilot paraded a school of bites in front of me. I’m always interested in the full experience. At Roy’s, you must taste the Blackened Island Ahi appetizer.

After dinner, we took a walk down to the beach. On the way we stopped and talked to an amateur astronomer who had her telescope on the beach. She is told us she is the president of The Maui Astronomers Club. We got to look through her telescope and see Saturn for the second time in a week!

We have only been on Maui for five hours and it’s already been amazing! I’m sure it will go slow and we’ll stay here forever.

The Pilot waits for sunset

Our 2nd day on Maui brought us to a mountain taller than Mount Everest! Next: wowi (day 2)

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  1. The Pilot Jul 20th 2012

    yummmy ahi tuna! I forget how yummy fresh fish is :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect trip, glad you guys had a chance to go spur of the moment! Love you both!

  3. It was great! Love you too!