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This year-end holiday season we made a trek up to the winter country (Wisconsin) to the bite-sized City of Cedarburg. It is just outside Milwaukee and the closest to a perfectly quiet Christmas that I have seen outside the movies. This is where The Pilot spent a large part of his formative years and we try to get here to visit his family as often as we can.

Arriving in Wisconsin immediately reminded me of the grayness of winter the Midwest can exhibit. It could be startling coming from the land of the unrelenting sun. However, Cedarburg had a picturesque experience of its own for us.

Washington Avenue is one of the main streets that goes through Cedarburg. This street has a cute collection of local shops. Every window was decked for holiday. Because it was Christmas Day as we took our walk, the shops weren’t actually open. So, we will have to return to Washington Avenue for some shopping past the windows.
The Cedarburg Cultural Center resides in the historical building that use to house Alston’s department store. I also fell in love with this reminder of Milwaukee history, the Blatz Beer sign.
The park we walked through after leaving Washington Avenue still has a slide made of actual metal! It’s pretty tall too. It is just like the one I remember playing on at my elementary school. They don’t allow slides like this anymore. Apparently the one in Cedarburg was something of a controversy as well. Ultimately, to my delight, it was saved.
 Also to my delight, The Pilot was kind enough to demonstrate how it works. (I was forbidden from posting those pictures.)
Our hosts for this amazing Christmas celebration really put the magic out. The house was festive and cozy. The family history can be seen in ornaments and traditions kept for every year. I feel very privileged to be a part of it all.
I really thought that holidays with families sitting around fires and playing games only existed in movies. Somehow, I’ve found it in real life. Nobody pinch me.

Hope your year end celebrations were great! Cheers to a year of amazing destinations!

Posted in travel by dA on January 13th, 2012 at 3:41 PM.

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  1. Beautiful photos and even more beautiful sentiment. We love you guys! Thank you for being here and making Christmas complete.