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peaceful out (last day in 日本)



We got out early on our last day and rode once more to Harajuku Station. This time instead of turning into the chaotic and colorful shops, we went the opposite direction, across the bridge, and into the woods.

The Meiji Shrine in Shibuya is a quiet escape into the green of nature. Just to show you the contrast of this quiet place, here’s a satellite of the area from Google Maps.

meijishrineharajukusatellite meijishrineharajukusatellite_CU

We took a wonderfully quiet walk on the winding road leading to the shrine. It was strangely quieter than it had been in days. We transported out of Tokyo and into an oasis of historical forest. There were a lot of people taking pictures and looking at artifacts. However, everyone seemed respectfully still. Either this place puts people at peace or the type of person who comes here is the reverent type.

Meiji_acrosstracks Meiji_path Meiji_frontgate
Meiji_coveredbarrels_cu Meiji_cordtree Meiji_bridge
Meiji_waterway Meiji_light
Meiji_prayercards Meiji_gatetoinnercourt Meiji_outercourt

After the nice morning walk, we said goodbye to our hotel room. It will be nice to be in our home again, but I never want to leave. Maybe someday they will be the same place.


the fancy, bedside controls for everything in the room


the government building across the street had a lovely roof garden

We finally rode the Shinkansen on the way to the airport. I took tons of pictures. Nothing was too mundane for photos. I was desperate to keep the experience going. From the other side of the aisle I could hear the clicking of another camera. I guess nobody wants to leave. We have to go sometime, but please let us take a little of Tokyo with us.

fieldontrain train_9110_full

I will miss Japan everyday until we can return. Tokyo is fascinating and grand. We only barely saw the scratches on the surface. This only means there are many future trips for us. Until we see you again, さようなら (sayonara).

hotel_acoffeewithaview dAsignature_transparent_spray

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