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As I write this it is my Aunt’s birthday. It’s very fitting to start this story of my travels on her day. See, she is the original inspiration in so many ways.

One of my earliest memories is of my parents taking us to pick her up at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. She had been in another country for a student exchange program. In my hazy recollection, we drove to a place with a grassy slope to hang out. It may have been our house or a park. I’m not 100% on that. The sun beamed down on her from behind as if to herald her as a worldly beacon. I talked to her about the knitted shoes she had on her feet. or maybe they were socks? Anyway, they were very loosely knit, and I remember asking her if she could use them in a pinch to catch fish. That’s how I remember it. Seems like a dream now.

The thing I do remember clearly is that our Aunt brought us Gummi Bears from Germany. It really turned my world upside-down then to think that Gummy Bears in Germany were Gummi Bears. One letter difference made it a foreign word. I was fascinated instantly by language and travel and culture.

This Aunt was easily the most intriguing person I knew. Not exactly like Auntie Mame, but just as adventurous. She had been to places I was only hearing of for the first time. I imagined her traveling in other countries and made stories for every experience I overheard from my parents. There was talk of her being a feminist and a Democrat! She really scandalized our house when she campaigned for a female politician.

I couldn’t wait to run away from home and become a liberal. I knew that when I grew up, I was going to travel and have all the experiences my parents warned me would damn my soul forever! The preachers and the teachers and the parents always talked of worldliness in a negative way, but I couldn’t wait to wear that label.

Now as an adult, I travel at every opportunity that is presented. Even an overnight in Kansas City, MO where my partner is based is a little thrill of its own. I guess I romanticize the plane ride and the stay in a hotel a bit. Also, being away from your home does a lot of good for your brain no matter where you are going. It’s like a refresher to see a new perspective and hear new voices.

So I say do it people! Travel the world! See things and have a BLAST!!! and be grateful for the freedom and opportunities to do so. That’s what I’ll be doing and, of course, telling the stories here…

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