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how to travel with a smile

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how to travel with a smile

I have the wonderful opportunity to travel cheaply because of the airline benefits extended to me. This has been a huge advantage and the only way I would have been able to take most of these trips. In the airline business they call this “non-reving” (as in without revenue). I want to be very clear that I am so grateful for the ability to fly non-rev.


sometimes it is a very difficult thing to actually accomplish.

First, there has to be a seat available. This pretty much eliminates travel to any desirable destination. Also, travel on or around any type of holiday is out. Seriously, forget about it.  The good news about that is I am able to check the loads before heading out to the airport.

That only works as long as there isn’t a sudden need for everyone in the airport to go on that specific flight you are trying to ride. Stuff happens. Earlier flights get cancelled. That entire flight load of paying customers gets to be ahead of you in line. It’s only fair and the way it should be.

Next, the staff of the airline has to want to put you on the flight. The gate agents hold a lot of power. I suggest never messing with them if you want to get where you are going. Don’t even talk to them unless you absolutely have to do so. I think I have definitely gotten on a flight before because another passenger irritated the gate agent. Also, candy gifts help your cause for sure.

One major thing that annoys me is the number of times peeps have said to me, “You can fly for free.” I am always expected to do all the traveling if I want to see any friend in another state. I definitely have the advantage. However, any kind of relationship is a two way street. And travel is not free for me. I still have to find a roof over my head, potentially rent a car, park my car at my departure airport, and eat while away. All this I gladly do when it is possible. iLOVE to travel! At the same time, it is very taxing on the body and spirit at times.

I had a friend who loved to say this inaccurate phrase to me. Meanwhile, she traveled around the globe constantly to see her favorite band. She always still claimed she couldn’t afford to come to see me. “You can travel for free.” A couple times she even had a layover in my city on the way to see this band in a foreign country. That was the end of the end for me. Still had to deal with her trying to pick Facebook fights with me like a high school drama major. It went downhill from there.

Despite all the difficulties of traveling this way, seeing New York City from the air never gets old. Touching down in San Francisco never feels routine. Going home to Chicago never loses its surge of energy. So I do what I have to do to get where I need to be. It is worth it.


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