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Last year, also in June, I drove to a big 3 day music and dance party called Electric Daisy Carnival. I had a rad experience being with friends, hearing exciting music, and getting an awesome recharge from the universe. This June, I returned to Las Vegas for more EDC. This time The Pilot took the drive to Vegas with me and we got to see some cool history on the way.

As we headed out of Phoenix, we were sent on our drive with a bit more fanfare than expected. Just on the outside of North Phoenix, we saw a group of hot air balloons over the highway.

The moon also came out for our trip.

I love to drive Arizona highways. On a random pit stop on this trip, hidden between some old buildings and a convenience store, we found this forgotten and defaced remembrance.

As we got closer to Nevada, we started to see more signs of party people on their way to the same party.

The first time I drove to Las Vegas, I drove over The Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge without realizing I had. From the top of it, you can’t see anything. Maybe if you’re in a super tall vehicle, you could. I think they may have built the walls of it pretty high so that traffic wouldn’t slow as people say their oh-wows to the dam below.

This time we took the original route down to the river and took a walk across the Hoover Dam. It does take longer to drive the old way, but it’s definitely worth seeing once in your life. The Hoover Dam combines the beauty of natural landscape and human engineering.

I enjoyed seeing the 1930s in the designs of the dam.
When you look out at the banks of the Colorado River, you can see how recent droughts have affected the water levels.

I took this picture after we witnessed a woman put her toddler on the wall. The other side of it is a 726.4 ft (221.4 m) drop to the bottom of the dam.

If you have never seen the dam, I recommend taking the long way down and across. From the older, lower crossing you can see some interesting design and a better view of the new bridge.

Electric Daisy Carnival was wicked fun again. I posted some pictures about it last year. This year, Insomniac managed to double the fun. So I was too busy dancing to take any good pictures this time. You’ll just have to come along with me and see it 1st hand next year!

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2 Replies

  1. loved your piece. I really got a kick out of the fact that this demonstrates the fact that the getting there is half the fun! bravo!

  2. thnx J! and yes! getting there is always interesting! =D