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There’s a thing I have to do for luck when boarding a plane. This ritual is not wholly my own. I admit borrowing parts of it from Allison Janney as she described it on the Ellen Degeneres Show during the episode they held on an airliner.

It starts once I’ve left the gate agent. When they hand me the stub from the boarding pass, I put it in my right rear pocket. That’s where it stays until I’ve reached my destination (where it is recycled, of course). At the end of the jetway, I get my right hand clear of any carry-ons so it is usable. Just before entering the plane, I casually touch the outside of the plane.

Of course, I always smile at the waiting flight attendant and say a sincere hello as well.

Someone asked me once if my lucky ritual works.

“So far…”


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Posted in travel by lucysbeau on March 3rd, 2010 at 12:39 AM.

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